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About Havana2

After the success of the idea and the demand for purchase, and based on the trust of customers, and our confirmation of this trust in continuity, we launched our second residential project in the land of investors (Havana 2), ten buildings in which sales began in May 2017 and delivery began in December 2019.
The first phase consists of buildings No. (377 & 379 & 380 & 381 & 382).
The second phase is buildings No. (374 & 375 & 376 & 383 & 384).
The building consists of 16 apartments in floors from the first to the fourth and 8 villas (4 ground duplexes and a basement & 4 penthouses and a fifth roof).
Apartments Frequently: The units’ spaces in the building are apartments (85-100) square meters.
Penthouse apartments (110-135) meters.
Duplex villa (160 – 170 – 180) meters.



Facilities and services at Havana2 have the breadth and depth to guarantee meeting the requirements and needs of the business partners.


Underground Parking

Green Area




Intercom for every unit


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internal finishing of the unit

• The apartment door is made of wood covered with oak veneer
• Electricity feed 3 won cover in front of the unit
Electricity extensions inside the ceilings (without wires)
• Water connection and drainage outlet
• Wooden frames for skylights
• Windows and facades balconies of Alumetal.

exterior finishing of the property

• Distinguished architectural facade paints made of Saveto and natural stone.
• Quests of verforge for balconies and stairs.
• Entrances and stairs made of natural marble.
• Elevator from the ground floor to the fifth.
• Intercom equipment for all units.
• Gate of architecture from Verforge.

Project specifications

• The property is surrounded by a wall to provide privacy and security.
• All entrances to buildings are located on the road.
• A water course with a special character and interlocking walkways behind the property for the public service of the project.

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